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Welcome to the free e-method library.

This library contains Dr. Levy’s signature audio methods. Known as Extreme De-Stressors of the Mind, these protocols combine clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy, and meditation to evolve the mind very rapidly. Extreme De-stressors are highly effective and very easy to use: all you do is sit back and listen.

Method 1: Stir Crazy

Sometimes we all feel too cooped up – perhaps especially now. If you can’t go out, then go in. But go so deep inside that, for a while, you can’t even remember the outside. Get away from it all. This method combines extremely deep hypnotic relaxation with scientific meditation to let you explore the vastness of your own inner world.

Method 2: Slam Dunker

This method works great for people who have trouble sleeping.

The vast majority of people living in a COVID-19 world are too stressed to relax, or concentrate, or sleep, or meditate. This method is designed to lead you into a very deep state of physical relaxation and mental calmness, no matter how anxious or stressed-out you are. It’s especially good for people who can’t sleep.

It takes a few minutes longer than many of Dr. Levy’s progressive relaxation methods, but it gets you much deeper, leaving you floating in a sea of calm, at which point you will be invited to sleep, meditate, or just relax in the peace that follows.

Method 3: The Stressbuster

Did you know that up to 80% of all doctor visits are for stress-related symptoms?

In this method, Dr. Levy uses progressive relaxation techniques and guided imagery to profoundly de-stress the mind and body in just 14 minutes. Most people report a 50% reduction in stress-related symptoms after just one use. Use it as often as you like to keep stress at bay.

Play the method below or click here to download this audio recording in MP3 format. To use it, set aside 15 minutes of quiet, turn off your phone, dim the lights, and lie back on your bed, couch, or favorite chair. Then start the method, and just listen.

Method 4: Hypnotic Meditation

The recent research on meditation is clear: meditation changes your brain, making it impervious to stress, free of anxiety, smarter and more efficient. Meditation also has extraordinary effects on health, wellbeing and longevity (see insert). Clearly, everyone should be meditating.

A calm mind and body are necessary for meditation. Many find it hard to relax enough to meditate, get frustrated, and give up before they reap the benefits. Dr. Levy created hypnotic meditation to take care of this problem. In it, he uses progressive relaxation techniques to calm your mind and body, then invites you to meditate in the silence that follows. You’ll be meditating entirely on your own after he stops talking. If you are already a meditator and your technique is working for you, use it. If not, click here for an easy technique that’s been researched for effectiveness.

To use the method, set aside 30 minutes, longer if you are already an experienced meditator. Then check your bladder, limit the distractions, dim bright lights, and situate yourself comfortably on a bed, couch, or chair, with the spine and head aligned as much as possible. Now play “Hypnotic Meditation.” Play the method below or click here to download this audio recording in MP3 format.

Method 5: Cognitive Reprogramming

Research shows that having a positive, joyful, optimistic attitude will add an average of 7.5 productive years to your life. By contrast, studies show that strong negative emotion leads to distress — a chronic biological “fight or flight” response accompanied by mental anguish — that will ultimately cause depression, anxiety, and physical illness. For these reasons, it will benefit you greatly to free yourself from negative emotions once and for all. This method will let you do just that. You won’t believe how much better you feel.

Click here to download the method, which has been excerpted from Dr. Levy’s book The Happiness Sutra. In addition to the method, this excerpt contains lots of helpful information you can use to your advantage.

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Method 6: The Brain Power Surge

This audio method will super-charge your mind and body with positive energy, joy, optimism, and stamina. During this method, you will be invited to meditate briefly. If you have a technique that works for you, use it. Otherwise, click here for an easy, well-researched meditation technique.

Method 7: The Gearshift Exercise

This is Dr. Levy’s most popular method. It enables you to harness mental power and insight from all levels of your mind — including subconscious and super-conscious dimensions of mind that most people cannot access on their own — and focus them all on achieving any goal of your choosing: better health, a great job, healing a loved one, transforming your business, a new scientific innovation, a large vision for the public good — any noble goal.

Method 8: Catharsis — also known as Hypnotic Regression

This method will take you back in time to release old emotional pain, gain deeper insights into the purpose and meaning of your life, and deliver the power to shape your future. This method is safe for the vast majority of users, but you should not use it without the aid of a mental health professional if you are unable to control your emotions, suffer from mental illness or have experienced trauma. The resulting release of emotion may be more than you can handle without assistance. Please be wise and be well.

Method 9: Loneliness

Life was isolating for many of us even before The Pandemic, and now loneliness is part of our ‘new normal.’ This method lets you get in touch with the deeper parts of your mind (subconscious and super-conscious dimensions of mind that most people can’t access on their own) to attract the kinds of relationships that are essential to health, happiness and success. It works, in part, by amplifying the power of your own unique personality, drawing to you not just anyone, but people who resonate with who you are and who you want to be. Use it two or three times weekly, in addition to daily hypnotic meditation, to get the results you’re looking for.

Method 10: Diabetes

This method heals in 2 ways: it deepens ‘the relaxation response,’ the biological opposite of stress, and it activates the power of memory to help you recall how it feels to ‘taste the sweetness of life.’ Use this method 2 or 3 times weekly, together with daily hypnotic meditation, to reduce glucose volatility, lower A1C, reduce inflammation, improve immune system functioning, reduce dependency on insulin, heal mild to moderate anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and amplify joy and optimism.

Method 11: Heart Disease (Feel the Love)

Your ability to heal your heart is exponentially greater than you think. This method used twice weekly, combined with daily hypnotic meditation and The Stressbuster as needed, have been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce plaque in the arteries, lower cholesterol, improve circulation, heal the heart muscle, reduce the frequency of arrhythmias, increase left ventricular ejection fraction, reduce reliance on medication, boost strength and stamina, vastly improve mood and optimism, and prolong life.

Method 12: Cancer

Use this method a few times a week along with 20 minutes of daily hypnotic meditation – the combination is proven to speed recovery from chemo brain, depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance. It works by activating ‘the relaxation response’ – the biochemical opposite of stress – to reduce inflammation and cellular oxidative stress and improve immune system functioning. Using both methods in combination helps regenerate neurons in the brain and nervous system that have been impaired by chemotherapy and radiation – and importantly, allows the user to tap into their subconscious and super-conscious minds (a storehouse of power for healing that most people can’t access on their own) to facilitate healing. Use of this combination prolongs life, and it’s ideal for the cancer patient who is under siege from debilitating medical treatments: all you do is relax back with eyes closed, passively listening.

Method 13: Weight Loss

Use this method every 2 or 3 days, combined with daily hypnotic meditation, and you will find it much easier to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. The combination is proven to increase willpower, self-confidence, and optimism, and it allows you to activate the hidden power of your subconscious and super-conscious minds (levels of mind most people can’t access) to help you realize your ideal, healthy self, without the distress.

Method 14: Past Life Regression

Past-life regression has proven to be an extremely powerful form of therapy, healing and spiritual growth, often with life-altering effects. It works by giving you access to the knowledge and memories secreted away in your super-conscious and subconscious minds – levels of mind that communicate using stories, myths, symbols and metaphors. Often these stories present to the mind under hypnosis as an alternative life script, one where you are not who you are in the here and now. To get the benefit of this method, you just need to be open to the story that unfolds in your mind when you use it. Your story will contain penetrating insights into who you really are deep down inside, why things have happened to you the way they have, your inmost dreams and how to fulfill them. Owing to its power, it should only be used once or twice weekly.

Method 15: Coronavirus – Immune System Booster

Use your mind to boost your immune system to beat the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Hypnosis and meditation have both been scientifically proven to boost immunity: people who use these methods regularly get sick less often than people who don’t. This method combines hypnotic progressive relaxation and meditation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system – the biological relaxation response – a proven immune booster. It vastly increases neurological and circulatory energy flow through the body, the gut (the “small brain” responsible for 70% of our immune strength), and the body’s bioenergy field (our first line of defense against microscopic invaders).

Use this method two to four times weekly to achieve results. Listen to the pre-talk before you use it, and return to the pre-talk from time to time to refresh your understanding. You need to know how to meditate to use this exercise. Use your own meditation practice, or click here for a simple, easy-to-use, well-researched meditation method.